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New ESP Artists: Confession

Following the success of their debut full length Cancer (2009) and sold-out national tours throughout 2010, Australian hardcore band Confession prepares to push forward with their new album, The Long Way Home.

The band travelled to Byron Bay to write 10 new songs, then took the project all the way to Sweden to record with iconic Swedish metal producer Fredrik Nordström, at his Gothenburg Studio. ‘We knew he was going to make this record sound amazing,’ says singer Michael Crafter of the talented producer.

Recent line-up changes have seen guitarists William Carrete and Doyle Perez brought into the fold – both of whom have been added to the Australian ESP roster. Both are pictured left with their MH and Eclipse series LTD axes, which have been put to heavy use on the band’s recent tour of Australia and will be seen at the upcoming Soundwave juggernaut. More info on Confession here:



CMI welcomes Northlane’s Jonathon Deiley to the ESP artist stable

Since their formation in early 2009, Northlane has created music with the intention to reject ideology, conformity, convention and expectation.

Since mid-2009, the band has been delivering powerful and dynamic live performances that have seen their popularity soar.

Early 2011 saw the band in the studio recording their ten track full-length debut album. Entitled Discoveries, the CD, which was labelled by Kill Your Stereo as ‘Australian album of the year’, coincided with their signing to We Are Unified and was released with much anticipation on 11-11-11, straight off the back of a 24-date regional headline tour.

Discoveries was a game changer for Northlane - the critical acclaim following its release was unprecedented and their fan-base exploded almost overnight. Finally the unrelenting kilometres on the road and service station pies were paying off. The Discoveries Tour in support of this release was by far their most successful tour to date – once half empty rooms were now packing out across the country.

2012 has already proven a huge year for the band as they show no signs of letting up or slowing down. In the words of Hysteria Magazine’s David Young: ‘They’ve captured a remarkable sound on their debut that can often take years for bands to achieve. The future is here and Northlane’s time is now.’

Jonathon came on board via B-Music in Adelaide. About ESP/LTDs, Jonathon says: ‘Over the span of my time as a musician, I’ve grown up with many of my idols playing ESP/LTD guitars. When we were recording our debut album Discoveries, I bought an LTD VB-400 on the whim because none of our guitars – although much more expensive – were intonating correctly and were drifting in pitch and sounding muddy in our low tunings. We ended up recording almost the entire album with that Viper and I’ve played it live ever since. Not long after I finished recording. I also picked up a used ESP original series Viper 7 Baritone. I love both of these guitars and they are the only ones I use for Northlane, although the 7 is a little hard on my back!’

For more info and sounds visit: www.facebook.com/northlane

RMV endorsee Kevin Murphy

For a small guy, Kevin Murphy has a big sound. One of those guys with amazing feel for the music he plays. Kevin has worked with (many artists) and with all of these artists, he has given them the drive and the energy that is a trademark of his playing
Paul Matcott, Drumscene

A gifted musician, Kevin has been playing drums and singing since he was 5 and started his first regular gigs at 12. A true performer, he has been playing professionally ever since.
For the past 20 years Kevin has been a prominent name in the Australian music scene, recording and touring with some of Australia’s biggest names.

He has appeared, extensively on almost every major TV show in Melbourne, including: CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT, HEY HEY IT’S SATURDAY, GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA, IN MELBOURNE TONIGHT and has also performed on America’s TODAY SHOW and FOX AND FRIENDS.

He is currently a freelance drummer/vocalist/songwriter with a wide variety of musicians around Melbourne and his CV includes:

• Touring worldwide in 2011 with Tommy and Phil Emmanuel on their 50th Anniversary tour.
• Recording with young virtuoso guitarist, KIERAN MURPHY (no relation)
• Touring, writing and recording with LITTLE RIVER BAND

Kevin has also recorded and worked with such diverse names as: Tina Arena, Bachelor Girl, Jack Jones (Irwin Thomas), James Morrison, Dragon, Mark Williams,  Dale Ryder, Troy Cassar Daley, Christine Sullivan, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock, Geoff Achison, Phil Manning , Vanetta Fields, Stylus, Peter Cupples, Peter Noone and heaps more he can’t remember. He has also seen many other even more famous people!

Find out more here: www.myspace.com/kevinmurphyis


 CMI Artists






Andy Dowling Lord ESP/ Dean Markley Scott Turnbull Anythium ESP
Jake Batista
Abandon All Hope
ESP Lord Tim Lord ESP/ Dean Markley
Shaan Kelly
Abandon All Hope
ESP Mark Furtner Lord ESP/ Dean Markley
Luke Kilpatrick      ParkwayDrive                             ESP Brett Versteegh Parkway Drive ESP
Aaron Schultz
Behind Crimson Eyes
Dean Markley Jeff Ling
Parkway Drive
Steve Janevski
Black Majesty
ESP David Sandstrom Pathogen ESP
Brett Garsed Site ESP/Hughes & Kettner/Dean Markley Phil Ceberano ITALIA
Martin Kirby Carpathian ESP/Dean Markley Phil Emmanuel Hughes & Kettner Tube Tools
Rocky Rositano Celebrity Minefield ESP    
Doug Stuart
Cosmic Storm
ESP Matthew Heywood
Our Last Enemy
Avi Pranish
Crimson Rain
ESP/LTD Joao Goncalves Orpheus ESP
    Alex Lassetter Pyromesh ESP
    Richard Pleasance Dean Markley
    David Gilbert Separatist ESP
    James Brady Separatist ESP
Ando McDougall Dreadnaught
Hughes & Kettner
Ben Cripps Sessions Eden
Damon Alcock Dreadnaught ESP/
Hughes & Kettner
Dave Collins
Shallow Grave
Dean Markley
Richard Poate Dreadnaught ESP/
Hughes & Kettner
Dave Hill
Shallow Grave
Dean Markley
Duane Jackson
Electrik Dynamite

Dean Markley
David Settelmaier Silent Fall ESP
Cam Slays
Electrik Dynamite
ESP/ Dean Markley Shane Johnson Sessions Parker


  Tobias Copley
Silent Fall
Kosta Papazoglou Eyefear H&K / Dean Markley Craig Skelton
Stone Circle
Hughes & Kettner
Adrian Brown
Forgiven Rival
Peter Fabrizio
Forgiven Rival
ESP Justin Rhodes
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
RMV Drum Heads
Aaron Butler Frankenbok ESP/Digitech/
Dean Markley
Kosta Theodosis
Amy Meredith
RMV Drum Heads
Yeti Bok Frankenbok ESP/Dean Markley David Hill
The Day Everything Became Nothing
Dean Markley
Dave Witmer
From These Wounds
RANDALL Dean Engert
The Day Everything Became Nothing
Dean Markley
Mitchell Gordon
ESP Sean Bailey Sydonia RMV Drum Heads
Mark Fergus Halcyon ESP Erik Meihs The Amenta Dean Markley

Howard Noise
Diamond Noir
Coffin Carousel

ESP Den Murray
The Conspiracy Plan
RMV Drum Heads
    Mark Kelson
The Eternal
Dean Markley
Jona Weinhofen
I Killed The Prom Queen
Kevin Cameron
I Killed The Prom Queen
ESP Kat Spazzy The Spazzy's Hughes & Kettner
Dane Alderson
James Morrison
EDEN Daniel Petruzelli Through Closed Eyes ESP

Billy Bennett 
7th Street Entry

ESP Joe Jones
Through Closed Eyes
Adrian Alimic Vanishing Point Dean Markley Chris Porcianko Vanishing Point ESP/ Dean Markley
Jon English Monterey Joe Del Mastro Vanishing Point Dean Markley
Mark Webster Jonestown Syndicate ESP Steve Cox
Vanishing Point
Dean Markley
Doug Dalton Killrazer Dean Markley    
Jimmy Lardner
Dean Markley Alex Canion Voyager Eden
Zoran Mrakic Killrazer Dean Markley Ryan Van Gennip Chase The Sun Eden
Kim May Lakland Paul Christie
Mondo Rock
Monterey/Dean Markley
Kosta Theodosis
Amy Meredith
RMV Drum Heads Gazza Smith
Peace Drums
Allan Leibowitz (Link) RMV Drum Heads Steve Donald
Phil Para Band
RMV Drum Heads

Callan Orr
Dream on Dreamer

Hughes & Kettner Jake McGovern
Shine My Shoes Brother
RMV Drum Heads
Kevin Murphy
RMV Drum Heads    


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