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1 December 2016: nautila now in stock!

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 1 December 2016
1 December 2016: nautila now in stock!

Digitech's new Chorus/Flange Pedal is a multi-voice chorus and flanger stompbox that enables guitarists to explore a wide range of fresh and innovative modulation sounds. Players can generate up to four chorus or eight flanger voices simultaneously, then use the DRIFT knob to morph between different modulation waveforms in real-time.


  • A two-way toggle switch for selecting between the chorus and flanger
  • The DRIFT knob morphs and changes the shape of the modulation sweep, ranging from swirling chorus to smooth rhythmic waves.
  • The VOICES knob allows guitarists to add up to four flanger voices or eight chorus voices
  • The EMPHASIS knob controls the high-pass filter for chorus and the regeneration of the effect signal for flanger.
  • The SPEED, DEPTH and MIX knobs control the overall rate, depth and blend of the effects.

Nautila also features a unique secondary function for the on/off footswitch. When the effect is active and the footswitch is held, the modulation speed will "ramp" to the maximum speed wherever the effect sweep is in its cycle. When released, the modulation will resume back to the rate determined by the SPEED knob's setting.

Nautila is an exciting feature-packed pedal! Check out the details here

Author: CMI Music & Audio
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