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1 JUne 2018: JBL 7 Series Powered Reference Monitors Have Arrived

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 6 June 2018
1 JUne 2018: JBL 7 Series Powered Reference Monitors Have Arrived

The JBL 7 Series provides a powerful and flexible monitoring solution for music, post and broadcast production. New to Australia, the 705P and 708P monitors deliver exceptional output, stunning detail, an expansive soundstage and impressive accuracy. 7 Series speakers achieve this outstanding performance by leveraging patent-pending driver technologies and the renowned JBL Image Control Waveguide. All models integrate with the Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System, which provides intuitive remote control and calibration. 7 Series monitors are equally at home in stereo, surround, and immersive-audio production rooms.

The 705P (5-inch) and 708P (8-inch) are self-powered reference monitors built with the modern control room in mind. A compact two-way design minimizes interference with video displays and sight lines while providing output comparable to larger speakers. The powered 7 Series monitors feature built-in DSP allowing for integrated EQ and delay controls. You also get an AES/EBU digital input, and an RJ-45 network connection for HARMAN HiQnet connectivity.

  • Integrated dual (250W/250W) amplification system with internal floating-point DSP
  • Comprehensive room EQ and delay controls
  • Unparalleled output and detail at greater listening distances
  • Next-generation JBL driver technology and patent-pending JBL Image Control Waveguide

Our patent-pending JBL Image Control Waveguide brings exceptional clarity and detail to all 7 Series models. First introduced in our flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, the waveguide ensures an acoustically seamless transition between the low- and high-frequency transducers, and provides a wide soundstage and precise imaging. Smooth on- and off-axis frequency response allows the JBL 7 Series to deliver neutral reproduction across an expansive listening area in a broad range of rooms.

  • A seamless crossover and uncolored response in the critical dialog range
  • Neutral off-axis response for greater accuracy and room-to-room consistency
  • Detailed imaging and a coherent transition between screen channels, surrounds and overhead speakers

7 Series monitors leverage JBL patents and our latest driver technologies to provide unparalleled output with greater dynamic range and extended frequency response in demanding production applications. Custom low-frequency transducers utilize patented JBL Differential Drive technology to reduce power compression for more sustained output and extended linear low-frequency performance. Our low-frequency port design works in concert with the low-frequency transducer to produce an accurate bass response at all playback levels.

  • Custom 5" and 8" low-frequency drivers featuring the latest JBL technology
  • Drivers produce two to three times the output of standard studio monitors
  • Extended dynamic range and frequency response

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Author: CMI Music & Audio
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