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10 Sept 2018: 2 Day EASE Software Workshop

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 10 September 2018
10 Sept 2018: 2 Day EASE Software Workshop

CMI Audio are hosting a 2 day workshop of training on AFMG's industry standard EASE acoustic simulation software, with Scientific Acoustics' director Peter Patrick. The course will cover the software's use from basic level right through to building loudspeaker models and fully functional venue-space models.

Peter Patrick is a veteran audio technician, launching his company Scientific Acoustics in Queensland in 1998, after a 35-year career in tele-communications. Peter is a beta tester for EASE,  EASERA and SysTune software. He has convened every EASE training seminar so far held in Australia, sponsoring international guest speakers to complement the sessions he delivers himself.

Course Agenda

Day One

  • Introduction & overview of EASE system capabilities and AFMG family of software products
  • Model Construction
  • Basics getting started EASE Program structure Main window, edit module, viewing modules, database modules, calculating modules
  • Options in Main and edit modules menu conventions & shortcuts
  • Building a model from scratch - Shortcuts and tools for unusual shapes - Closing the room - Model detailing - Locating and closing holes - Single and double coat faces - Using the databases
  • The Import/export module Autocad dxf & Sketchup import/export

Day Two

  • Installing Loudspeakers what the dimensions and settings mean pitfalls to avoid
  • Mapping Loudspeakers Direct SPL Total SPL other measures
  • Loudspeaker cluster building using SPK data files using GLL files
  • Loudspeaker formats in EASE SPK & GLL Speakerbuilder FIR maker
  • Special Items objects tables etc.
  • Detailed Mapping features - when to use interference noise settings calculating dB(A) distribution saving mapping
  • Ray Tracing different methods and their values
  • The AURA Module capabilities of the hybrid system - unique calculations
  • Auralisation -  using EARS using custom files
  • Review of some of the authors models - what works what does not work.

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th of November, 2018.
CMI Music & Audio
36-38 Export Drive, Brooklyn, Victoria.

Fee: $1500 per person (including lunch each day)

Extremely limited positions, book early to avoid disappointment.

Richard Hulston
[email protected]
to organize your place.

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