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10 Sept 2018: TASCAM dr-10 Firmware Version 2

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 10 September 2018
10 Sept 2018: TASCAM dr-10 Firmware Version 2

New firmware brings additional functionality to TASCAM DR -10 series mobile recorders. These features include MP3 support MP3 recording, usability enhancements and overall performance improvements.

New features in V 2.00
Support for MP3 recording at both 128kbps and 192kbps
In addition to WAV (BWF) format files, recording and playback of MP3 files is now supported. This enables literally days of audio to be recorded on a single microSD card

Level meters are now active during both recording and playback
Level meters were previously active only during input monitoring. With V2.00 they are live during recording and playback as well.

Independent level settings are now supported within the dual recording function
The dual recording function enables simultaneous creation of a backup "safety recording" at a lower level. Previously, this backup track was fixed at 6 dB lower than the main track. A new option of 12 dB now been added.

POLY file dual recording is now possible
POLY file mode can be used to record a mono sound source input as a stereo file. V2.00 also supports dual recording when in this mode

Overall performance enhanced
Overall performance has been enhanced, and microSD card writing/processing has been improved

V 2.00 Can be used with the following products

Firmware Version 2.0 can be downloaded from the Tascam website

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