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2 June 2017: Fohhn introduces its latest LINEA FOCUS products

Posted by Fohhn News on 2 June 2017
2 June 2017: Fohhn introduces its latest LINEA FOCUS products


After eight successful years of award-winning LINEA FOCUS products, Fohhn introduces the next generation of its powerful Beam Steering systems complete with new, innovative features and digital audio signal inputs. First models in this latest series are the new DLI-130 and DLI-230.
During the course of digitization, Fohhn has been keen to ensure that its products are compatible with all digital audio networks. Therefore in line with all new and upcoming FOCUS-SERIES models the DLI-130 and DLI-230 are equipped as standard with signal inputs for AES/EBU and for AIREA, the Fohhn audio network system. The systems are also optionally available with interfaces for DANTE or Optocore or, as before with analogue signal inputs. Related product variants include:

  • DLI-130/230 AES for AES/EBU and AIREA
  • DLI-130/230 DAN for DANTE
  • DLI-130/230 OPT for Optocore
  • DLI-130/230 ANA for analogue signal inputs

The new models:

The LINEA FOCUS DLI-130 and DLI-230 are high performance line source systems, which can be electronically controlled and monitored. The systems are equipped with eight or sixteen state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers respectively and DSP technology specially developed for this area of application, plus eight/sixteen coated 4" long excursion drivers. This perfect balance of amplifier-, digital signal processor- and loudspeaker technology enables a maximum SPL of 124/130 dB to be achieved.

The loudspeakers' vertical beam dispersion characteristics can be intuitively controlled in real time using FOHHN AUDIO SOFT: The vertical beam width, ranging from 0° to 90°, and vertical inclination angle, ranging from -40° to +40°, can both be adjusted in precise 0.1° increments. This means that unwanted reflections from floors and ceilings can be avoided. The result: optimum levels of speech intelligibility, a pleasing sound image and excellent sound quality even in the most challenging acoustic conditions.

Should greater low frequency sound pressure levels be required, both systems can be seamlessly combined with active or passive Fohhn subwoofers.
Due to their slim, elegant design, the 130/230 cm long loudspeakers can be integrated almost invisibly into every kind of architectural setting: whether mounted flat against the wall (thanks to their electronic controllability) or installed in a recess. Their aluminium housing including the front grille is optionally available in all RAL Classic colours, or with a photorealistic surface design (FOHHN TEXTURE DESIGN).

LINEA FOCUS line source speakers have been developed for fixed installation applications, e.g. churches and cathedrals, congress halls and exhibition centres, airports and railway stations, theatres, TV studios, university lecture theatres and auditoria, conference rooms or museums.
In general: The longer the LINEA FOCUS loudspeaker, the longer its reach and the better its capacity for precise control of low frequencies.

New features at a glance:

  • Standard digital signal inputs for AES/EBU, optional inputs available for Dante, Optocore or Analogue
  • DSP input and output processing
  • Delay (up to 340 m / 1000 ms)
  • Password protection
  • Auto Power Save (configurable)
  • Tilt sensor (readout in FOHHN AUDIO SOFT)
  • Pilot tone detection always occurring on both channels
  • Fault contact (relay 2 × alternate)*
  • Switching contact (configurable)*

*only available for Analogue and AES/EBU versions

LINEA FOCUS product features all models:

  • 8, 16, 24, or 32 integral digital amplifiers and digital signal processors (DSP)
  • Real-time parameter control
  • Precise Beam control in 0.1 degree increments and in real time
  • Integral protective circuits for maximum operating safety
  • Optimum speech intelligibility in rooms with difficult acoustics
  • Suitable for reproduction of music Fohhn subwoofers can be added to the system
  • Aluminium housing with slim, discreet design
  • Low weight
  • No mechanical steering of speaker necessary
  • Discreet integration into the room architecture
  • In-wall integration possible
  • Beam Steering DSP:

- Vertical dispersion monitoring
- Beam angle (0°- 90° in 0.1° increments)
- Inclination angle (-40° - +40° in 0.1° increments)
- Acoustic centre movable along full length of the line
- Two Beam Technology
- Side Lobe Free Technology
- High-pass

  • User DSP control for:

- Volume
- Routing
- 10-band fully parametric equaliser
- Internal Delay
- Crossover
- Compressor/Limiter
- Noise Gate
- 100 User Presets

  • Intuitive operating software for configuration of all systems and all parameters including focus simulation using the latest version of FOHHN AUDIO SOFT: One software controls everything.
  • 100 Presets possible: all Beam Steering- and User DSP settings can be stored and recalled in real time
  • Optional integration into media controls
  • Complex remote control and monitoring via FOHHN-NET
  • Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for fixed installations
  • Easy servicing due to superior design
  • Green Power Standby Mode
  • German Quality engineered and made by Fohhn
  • Available in all RAL colours (other colour catalogues available on request)
  • System integration in accordance with EN 60849 and EN 50849 (emergency and fire evacuation)
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