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20 Jan 2017: New stage mic releases from AKG at NAMM

Posted by Mark Wayte - CMI Music & Audio on 20 January 2017
20 Jan 2017: New stage mic releases from AKG at NAMM

AKG C636

Step on stage with a studio legend. The new AKG C636 is the sound of the studio redesigned for the stage, so you can focus on your vocal performancenot on the performance of your microphone. Featuring a proprietary double shock suspension system for unparalleled rejection of handling noise. The state-of-the-art multilayer pop noise rejection system eliminates plosives, while the polar cardioid pattern eliminates feedback. Made with the finest hand-selected components and manually tuned for a pure transparent tone, the new C636 retains the spirit of the classic AKG C535 condenser microphone, while being re-engineered to meet the demands of today's top vocal performers.



AKG P5i delivers powerful sound for lead vocals, with a super cardioid polar pattern that ensures utmost gain before feedback and suppresses ambient noiseeven on the loudest stages. P5i also features a heavy-duty metal body to withstand tough stage performances, and an integrated windscreen that efficiently eliminates pop and wind noise. And best of all, the AKG P5i high-performance dynamic vocal microphone automatically configures with the HARMAN Connected PA ecosystem, providing effortless set up, instant recall of performer and presets, and great sound for musicians of all skill levels.


Author: Mark Wayte - CMI Music & Audio
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