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25 NOV 2018: Arturia Art of Keys Promotion

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 5 December 2018
25 NOV 2018: Arturia Art of Keys Promotion

Until January 31st 2019 when you buy a KeyLab Essential or KeyLab MkII from a music store or online you're entitled to the free software as a part of this promotion.

Simply register your product on the Arturia website after you make your purchase. As soon as you've done this you will see the software in your account, available for downloaded. Install it, and get set to create musical magic.

KeyLab Essential buyers will receive Mini V and Stage-73 V. That's right. Arturia's award-winning recreation of Dr Moog's famous 70s synth, and a physically modelled, pristine emulation of a Fender Rhodes. Perfectly tuned to work with KeyLab Essential, these instruments will become your go-to choices.

KeyLab MkII buyers will receive Mini V, Stage-73 V and B-3 V. Get hands on with the most accurate emulation of Bob Moog's legendary monosynth, fall in love with the tone of an authentically modelled Fender Rhodes, and let rip with the classic Hammond organ & Leslie combo.

Get all the details here: arturia.com/art-of-keys-keylabs


Author: CMI Music & Audio
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