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27 Feb 2017: ROLI Seaboard gains notice in Time Magazine

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 27 February 2017
27 Feb 2017: ROLI Seaboard gains notice in Time Magazine

The ROLI Seaboard Grand has "gone Hollywood" in the form of its high-profile appearance in the Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone hit, 'La La Land' the new movie from director, Damien Chazelle (writer and director of Whiplash - another amazing musician-themed film).

The Seaboard has gained so much noteriety from its star-turn that reporter Kate Samuelson from Time Magazine has even penned a story on it.

The unit features particularly heavily with scenes of Ryan Gosling playing the instrument. In the Time piece, Will MacNamara, head of communications at ROLI said,

"To see Ryan Gosling, who is not a pianist, play with so much skill and panache on an instrument that we see and use every day was just wonderful," he said. "And he looked like he was having fun. We just hope that his performance inspires others to try it out."

The article goes on to say:

MacNamara said there has been a noticeable increase in direct sales and enquiries regarding the Seaboard Grand online and in stores since the movie came out. All three of ROLI's dealers in Hollywood (Pierre's Fine Pianos, Sam Ash West Hollywood and Guitar Center West Hollywood) have sold out of the instrument in recent weeks. "There's definitely been an uplift."

To read the entire piece visit: http://time.com/4680243/keyboard-la-la-land-ryan-gosling/

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