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27 March 2017: Adamson Point Series featured in CX

Posted by Jason Allen on 27 March 2017
27 March 2017: Adamson Point Series featured in CX

CX Magazine's Jason Allen recently wrote a great feature on the Adamson Point Series range! Read below...

Point and Shoot

Adamson's aptly named Point Series of small to mid-sized point source loudspeakers consist of the Point 8, 12, and 15 two-way mid-high boxes and the 115 and 215 subwoofers.  For this review, we looked at the Point 8 in combination with the 115 sub, as it's a paring that will suit a wide range of applications, physically and sonically.

All of the Point Series mid-high boxes use Adamson's proprietary Kevlar cones in the woofers. There's a 1" HF driver in the Point 8s, working up to a 1 ½" HF driver in the Point15s. All horns are rotatable, with a dispersion of 60x90.  All three top boxes have a 45 degree wedge profile, OmniMount 30 compatible rigging points as well as Adamson's proprietary rigging system, and top hats.

Sonically, the Point 8 delivers exactly what Adamson are famous for incredibly good mid-range, perfect for handling vocals. That Kevlar cone tech of theirs seems to be the key, as you get a similar sound to their line source products. It's a sensitive and coherent response that makes mixing any live source with vocals a joy. You won't find yourself battling to get the vocal to cut through the band in any genre from jazz to metal.

What's really outstanding though is the SPL for its size. If you rig the Point 8 with the 115 sub using Adamson's rigging system (over or under hang), you get a speaker system that's just over 45 cms wide and 67cm tall. And out of that comes a whopping 131db at 1m. A/B-ing this combo next to a small format line array saw it hold its own. It delivers a ludicrous amount of headroom for the size and weight. This is an ideal product as fill and delay in conjunction with either a line array or larger point source system in performing arts venues. While the feature set skews toward installation, it could also be just a sensibly used for smaller temporary gigs, as you certainly won't have any problems getting the level and vocal intelligibility you need. 

Adamson recommend lab_gruppen PLM or D Series amps with Lake processing, but still support XTA as well. If you're looking at installation, they can provide colour matching on request. While Adamson suggest in their marketing that the Point Series is suitable for high-quality playback (and they will certainly deliver that), I see them as much better suited for amplifying high-quality musicians in orchestral, theatre, and jazz applications.

Find more information on the Point Series here.

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