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28 March 2017: ESP Japan Factory Visit

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 28 March 2017
28 March 2017: ESP Japan Factory Visit

CMI's guitar product manager Steve Lane recently had the pleasure of visiting Makoto and the team at ESP Japan HQ over the Christmas period. The ESP Japan team were again their usual hospitable selves, with great conversation and saké aplenty!

Steve reports that the craftsmanship and level of detail that the ESP Japan luthiers display is truly unparalleled from sourcing the perfect woods through to to the skills of their world famous Custom Shop technicians. Each facet of the operation is meticulously fine-tuned.

Steve said: 'It was great to finally see the ESP Japan HQ after speaking to Makoto daily and getting an idea of their day-to-day work flow. This visit will only strengthen communications with Makoto moving forward and further my understanding on the Japanese ordering processes.'

The pictures below set the scene:



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