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28 may 2019: Ableton Live 10.1 Update is Here

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 28 May 2019
28 may 2019: Ableton Live 10.1 Update is Here
Initially teased back in early February, Ableton Live's 10.1 upgrade has gone through a lengthy Beta period and is now officially out. This is a free upgrade available to Live 10 users, available from within your account at ableton.com, and it brings some incredible new features and capabilities for a point update, as well as some that are arguably overdue.
  • Live's native Wavetable synthesiser can now import custom wavetables or samples. This is a crucial change for Wavetable, and one that takes its creative potential to the next level.
  • Revamped automation. Live now features a palette of automation shapes, the ability to stretch and skew shapes, and users can now automatically simplify complex paths for easier editing. That means no more nightmarish jobs erasing automation nodes and recreating them if you want to adjust some automation that you recorded with a controller. You can now also input numerical values for exact automation, rather than carefully dragging points around with the mouse (Hallelujah!).
  • Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay effect modules have been merged into simply: Delay. It's also been revamped so all the controls are on the front panel and there's now modulation functionality.
  • Channel EQ is a new audio effect module, and the third EQ in Ableton Live. 
  • Live is now VST3 compatible, an essential move to keep Live up with the times as more software makers ditch the older VST format for their latest wares.
  • Tracks with side-chained effects on them can now be frozen.
  • Track fades can now be edited from within the automation view by holding F. As well as a number of other hot-key additions to speed up your workflow.
  • Tracks and groups can now be exported through fx on your return and master tracks.
  • Sidechain input, mix and gain is now available on third party plugins.

Author: CMI Music & Audio
Tags: Music Technology

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