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5 March 2019: CMI Now Distributing Aguilar Amplification in Australia

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 10 March 2019
5 March 2019: CMI Now Distributing Aguilar Amplification in Australia

We are proud to announce the appointment of CMI Music & Audio as the Australian Distributor for Aguilar Amplification.

Aguilar Amplification is quickly becoming the industry standard, combining solid bass tone with superior USA build quality. Aguilar creates amps, cabinets, pedals and pickups to the highest standard found in the bass market today. Technology-leading lightweight heads and cabinets provide the modern bass player with a supremely versatile package.

Aguilar President Dave Boonshoft co-founded the company in New York City in 1995. Dave's thirst for superior bass tone lead him to create and grow the company we know and love today. Starting with the legendary DB 680 preamp, it was clear that Aguilar Amplification had the potential to change the bass amp world. 

Aguilar Mission statement:
"Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make great gear for bass players. By designing and manufacturing heads, cabinets, preamps, pickups and effects pedals, we can contribute to many aspects of the sound of the bass. At Aguilar, we approach every product that we manufacture with real world, musical understanding. Because we are a team of bass players and engineers, we start by visualizing gear from the musician's perspective and then proceed with inspired engineering. We have a credo of "constant improvement" that helps us move forward daily and create products that will contribute to your music. Aguilar amplifiers, cabinets and pedals can be found on concert stages and in recording studios around the world. Our line of pickups and onboard preamps are used in many of the world's best basses. We're proud to play a part in the sound of so many great bass players and we look forward to being part of your sound!"

 Dave Avenius - Aguilar CEO:
"Aguilar Amplification cares a great deal for the enthusiastic bass playing community of Australia.  We are proud to have partnered with CMI, a company who has impressed us with their thoughtfulness, hard work and passion for what they do.  We are confident this new relationship will make Aguilar more accessible to dealers and musicians than ever, and take our brand to the next level in Australia.  Big thanks to everyone at CMI!"

Nathan Brady - Vice President of Sales & Marketing CMI:
"Aguilar Amplification is a brand whose name is synonymous with high quality, and as a result, their star has risen very quickly.  Aguilar's commitment to creating great bass gear is reflected in the long list of world class players associated with the brand. Simplicity in the front end design means that you don't need to understand mysterious dark arts to pull a great tone here. Unbelievably, these products are still made in the USA, making Aguilar an exceptional value for the money."
CMI is very proud to be representing Aguilar Amplification exclusively here in Australia and we are looking forward to working with our channel partners, Aguilar and the Australian bass community to get this gear into the hands of the next generation of players."

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