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NAMM Show 2020: Modal Argon8M & Argon8X

Posted by CMI Music & Audio on 28 January 2020
NAMM Show 2020: Modal Argon8M & Argon8X
The Argon8, announced in September 2019, is a 37-key 8 voice wavetable synthesizer with a fantastic interface and sequencer. Now Modal have ported that synthesis engine and interface to a key-less module and a bigger 61-key version, dubbed Argon8M and Argon8X respectively.

The new models are 100% identical in functionality and power, the 61-key has an identical interface too, while the module has a streamlined interface so it will fit into a standard 19 rack unit. The module version includes detachable rack ears for desktop use if you prefer.


Author: CMI Music & Audio
Tags: Music Technology

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