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Stock No: DR-10CS
RRP: $419.00
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Micro Linear PCM Recorder for Wireless Beltpacks * 48kHz/24-bit mono digital recording * Uses standard microSD/microSDHC card media (up to 32GB) * Dual Recording feature captures a safety track in case of distortion * Two models for Lectrosonics and Sennh eiser mics, option packs for Shure, Sony, and RAMSA * Hold function prevents accidentally switching off the recorder (All keys cannot operate during recordin) * Limiter and low-cut filter on input * Auto gain control * Records BWF file timestamped with time of day clock * Time Track increment function writes new track after a preset * amount of time.(There is on/off setting, but the time is 15 minutes fixed when turn it on) * OEL display for easy visibility in any light condition * More than 8hours rec ording on a single AAA battery * Settings can be created with text file on PC and transferred to DR-10C via USB connection

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