CMI Warranty Periods - (Updated Feb 2017)

IMPORTANT: Extended warranties are only valid if registered within 30 days of purchase date.



Warranty Period

Extended Warranty

Additional Info

Hi Tech 

  Native Instruments   2 years    Replacement warranty (repairs not available)
  TASCAM  1 year  3 Years by CMI registration  
  Arturia  1 Year     
  CRANE   1 Year    
  ABLETON  1 Year    
  Universal Audio 1 Year     
  ROLI  1 Year     
  KORG  1 Year  3 Years by CMI registration  


  ADAMSON 3 Year


  HK AUDIO 1 Year 5 Years by HK registration Registration Via HK Audio Website
  MACKIE 1 Year 3 Years by CMI registration 3 years registation became available from 03/2016.
  AKG 1 Year 3 Years by CMI registration CMI will honour 2 year warranty from previous supplier - Hills
  Rapco Horizon Limited lifetime   On manufacturing defects
  One Systems 1 Year    
  Phonic 1 Year 3 Years by CMI registration Registration via completed warranty card returned to CMI
  MC2 & XTA 1 Year    
  Superlux 1 Year    
  Command Fusion 1 Year    
  UXL 1 Year    
  Hamilton 1 Year    

Musical Instruments

  ESP & LTD 1 Year    
  DigiTech 1 Year    
  Ampeg 1 Year 3 Years by CMI registration  
  Blackstar 1 Year 3 Years by CMI registration  
  Hughes and Kettner 1 Year    
  Dean Markley Pickups 1 Year    
  Jose Ortega 1 Year    
  Monterey 1 Year    
  PROMAX 1 Year    
  DBE Electronic Drums 1 Year    
  Ebow 1 Year    
All Tubes, Fuses, and Batteries sold with the products are guaranteed by CMI for 3 Months from the time of the CMI Invoice.


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